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Service agreement

1 Confirmation and Acceptance of Member Service Terms

The ownership right and operation right of member service belong to Dossen. The provided member reservation service must be implemented in accordance with the member articles of association, service terms and operation rules issued by it. A member completes the registration procedure and clicks the button “submit the registration information”, which shows the member reaches an agreement with Dossen and accepts all member reservation service terms.

2 Member Service Introduction

Dossen applies its own operation system to provide a member with the member reservation service through the international interconnection network.

Considering the importance of member service, a member agrees:

To provide timely, detailed and accurate personal data.

To constantly update the registration data and meet the requirements of timeliness, detail and accuracy. All data originally input will be quoted as registration data.

Besides, a member may authorize Dossen to disclose his basic data to a third party, but Dossen can’t publish the supplementary data of the member. Unless:

The member requires Dossen or authorizes the assigned personnel to disclose the information through E-mail service.

Dossen provides the member’s personal data in accordance with the stipulations of laws or the requirements of the relevant government departments.

If the data provided by a member is inaccurate, Dossen reserves the right to suspend or stop the member’s use of the member reservation service.

When a member enjoys the member reservation service, he agrees to accept various information services provided by the member reservation service.

If a member registers and joins Dossen Association through the cooperation card (including but not limited to special merchants of airline companies and banks and so on), the member agrees that the cooperation card will be bound with the member identity permanently and will not be changed.

Dossen will modify the member reservation service terms when necessary. Once the member reservation service terms are changed, a notice will be issued through member instructions or Dossen’s official website and other channels and members will not be separately notified.

3 Your Trading Acts

We track IP address only for the necessity of safety. If we have not found any safety issue, we will timely delete the IP addresses that we have collected. We also track the page access data in a whole day. The page access data of the whole day is used to reflect the website traffic. On the one hand, we can develop plans (for example, adding servers) for the future development. If we find that some member’s account has abnormal trading acts, we will temporarily freeze this account and inform the member in order to ensure the member’s account safety. After investigation, we will decide to restore or close this member’s account depending on the investigation situation.

4 Member’s Account Number, Password and Safety

In order to make us better provide services for members, please provide detailed and accurate personal data. Once you successfully register as a member, you will get a password and account number. Please duly keep your account number and password. In case of change, please update in a timely manner. The consequences and losses from providing false data shall be borne by a member himself.

A member has the responsibility and obligation to keep his own registration password and modify it on a regular basis in order to avoid losses. Losses caused by a member’s negligence shall be borne by the member. Each member shall be held liable for all activities and events conducted in his account number.

If a member finds any illegal use of the member account number or safety vulnerability, he shall immediately notify Dossen. Losses incurred before notification shall be fully borne by the member himself.

5 Rights of Dossen

To have the right to review, accept or refuse the membership application of a member, to have the right to revoke or stop all or a part of the service contents of a member.

To have the right to revise the member rights and obligations presented in the member manual and notify members by EMAIL and announcement in the website after revision. If a member still continues to exercise the rights of members after the notice is sent, it shows that the member agrees upon and abides by the newly revised contents.

The rights and interests enjoyed by a member can be only used by the member himself in the scope expressed in “Dossen members’ rights and interests”. Without the permit of Dossen, a member shall not confer or transfer the member account number to a third party. Otherwise, Dossen reserves the right to close this member account number.

6 Membership Card

The membership can be acquired via the following approaches:

To register through online channels or fill in data in the front desk of the hotel, you can become an ordinary card member of Dossen Association.

To purchase through online or offline channels, you can become a silver card, gold card, black card member of Dossen Association.

All memberships are valid permanently. Once the membership card of Dossen is sold, it shall not be cancelled or transferred.

7 Cancellation of Membership

If a member is found to have the following acts, through verification, Dossen will cancel or log off his membership without any indemnity. Losses incurred therefrom shall be borne by the member himself:

Membership acquired through any informal approach;

To engage in illegal business acts in all websites or entity hotels of “Dossen”, to issue words, pictures and other information that involve in sensitive political issue, religion, pornography or violate national laws and government regulations;

To use the member identity or member’s rights and interests to represent to reserve rooms for business purpose or seek for other illegal interests;

Other acts directly or indirectly damaging the interests of “Dossen” and causing losses.

8 Advertisement

We will make a comprehensive statistics of personal identity data and disclose such comprehensive statistics to the advertisers due to the needs of sales and rewards.

9 Email/Short Message/Journal Service

Dossen will send order information, promotion activities and other service information to users registered in this website by E-mails, short messages and mailing journals. If you hope that Dossen will not send similar E-mails, short messages or journals, you may propose subscription cancelation application to the customer service of Dossen and indicate your E-mail address, mobile phone number or relevant address information. Dossen will handle subscription cancelation for you after receiving the application.

10 A Third Party
We will not provide, sell, lease, share and transact users’ personal information to a third party unless the third party and Dossen work together to provide the website and users with services and the third party has been prohibited to access all the data including data that it can assess previously after such services end. When we are legally forced to or required by the government to provide your information, we will disclose your data in good faith.

11 Storage and Exchange of Information

Users’ information and data will be collected and stored in China’s server. Only for backup, we may need to transmit your data to the server of other countries.

12 External Links

This website contains the links to other websites. Dossen is not held liable for the protection measures for the privacy of those websites at all. We are likely to add the websites of business partners or shared brands whenever needed. However, what are provided to them are only comprehensively information. We will not make your identity public.

13 Exemption Terms

Dossen will ensure members’ data within the scope permitted by technical conditions. In case of force majeure factors or a third party’s malicious attack, resulting in loss of data, Dossen will try to restore historical data but not bear any indemnity obligation for the lost part.

Dossen will not bear all losses suffered from the loss of password for a member’s personal reasons.

14 Miscellaneous

Our company will not acknowledge the membership acquired through channels not recognized by Dossen. It is prohibited to resell membership cards or member’s rights and interests. Once it is found, we have the right to cancel the membership of the buyer and the seller and reserve the right to pursue their legal liabilities.

15 Contact Us

If you have any opinions or suggestions on this privacy statement or the protections measures for privacy of Dossen and the issues during your use, please contact us by the following methods:

Enterprise QQ: 4007007899

Customer service tel.: 4007007899